Investment Philosophy

Our focus is on building portfolios of strategic—or core—positions, then to expand beyond those core holdings with investments that fit into your specific needs for risk and return.

Gerald Loftin working on a white board

What We Do

  • We keep your money invested according to permissible investment types and appropriate asset allocation models.
  • We make changes when an investment or asset class may be more suitable, or because economic conditions have changed.
  • We only make changes with the prior knowledge of our clients.
  • We practice a theory of periodic asset rebalancing.
  • We manage portfolio turnover, expenses, taxes, capital gains and losses to enable you to keep more of your earnings.

What We Don’t Do

  • We don’t recommend concentrated company positions.
  • We don’t market time jumping in and out of the securities, unless your circumstances unexpectedly and suddenly change.
  • We don’t over react to news events without assessing its short and long term impact on your portfolio and specific investment goals.