Permissible Investments

The assets under management shall be invested in a manner that is consistent with the client’s goals and objectives. The firm may use the following security classifications:

  • Exchange Traded, Open End, and Closed End Mutual Funds

    Covering various asset classes including: domestic equity, international and emerging market equity, domestic fixed income, high yield, international and emerging market fixed income, balanced, sector, money market, and specialized funds.

  • Individual Debt Instruments

    United States Government Obligations, agencies of the United States Government, and Corporate Obligations rated BBB or higher by Standard & Poors or a similar rating agency.

  • Alternative Investments

    Commodities, real estate, private equity, and other instruments that have a low correlation with traditional financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, and cash

  • Cash Reserves

    Interest bearing securities, free from risk of loss, price fluctuation and instantly saleable. Underlying investment may consist of individual fixed income securities such as Certificates of Deposit, Commercial Paper, U.S. Treasury Bills, and other similar instruments with less than one year to maturity and/or money market funds.