Our Philosophy

Proficient Wealth Counselors, LLC is an independent Registered Investment Advisor founded with the belief that to provide exceptional service, we must be free from the influences present at many traditional Wall Street firms. We have a wealth of industry knowledge and pride ourselves on the ability to advise clients on a full spectrum of financial planning topics.

We set out to create an environment where clients may find honest opinions from a credible independent financial professional who adheres to a fiduciary duty when interacting with clients, free from sales pressures, commissions, and quotas. A competent professional who provides guidance and financial solutions after understanding a client’s dreams, and goals. Each advisor maintains the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification as well as varied professional memberships. This, along with an ongoing commitment to continuing education and strict adherence to industry requirements helps ensure that our clients benefit from the latest developments in financial guidance.

At Proficient Wealth Counselors, LLC, financial guidance is provided with an unwavering client-service focus. Our firm has no proprietary bias yet we offer access to near limitless insurance and investment tools which are used to direct our clients to a place where they can build their own financial future on their own terms. In today’s complex economic environment, the major difference between making money and keeping money is knowledge. Financial decisions vital to your economic security are far too important to be ignored or left to anyone whose primary objective is not consistent with your financial well being.

The importance of our clients is not measured by how much money they have. We use the same leading research and technology in our portfolio construction and provide the same expert level of financial guidance regardless of your net worth.

Gerald Loftin, Principal of Proficient Wealth Counselors