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Optimizing Your Wealth
Through Personalized Service and Solutions

How Does Our Investment Philosophy
Impact Your Financial Picture?

We build portfolios of strategic positions and expand beyond those core holdings with investments that fit into your specific needs for risk and return. 

What We Do:

  • We keep your money invested according to permissible investment types and appropriate asset allocation models.
  • We make changes when an investment or asset class may be more suitable, or because economic conditions have changed.
  • We only make changes with the prior knowledge of our clients.
  • We practice a theory of periodic asset rebalancing.
  • We manage portfolio turnover, expenses, taxes, capital gains and losses to enable you to keep more of your earnings.

What We Don’t Do:

  • We don’t market time jumping in and out of the securities unless your circumstances unexpectedly and suddenly change.
  • We don’t overreact to news events without assessing its short and long-term impact on your portfolio and specific investment goals.

Permissible Investments

The assets under management shall be invested in a manner that is consistent with your goals and objectives. As such, we may use the following security classifications:

Concentrated Stock, Exchange-Traded, Open-End and Closed-End Mutual Funds

Covering various asset classes including domestic equity, international and emerging market equity, domestic fixed income, high yield, international and emerging market fixed income, balanced, sector, money market and specialized funds.

Individual Debt Instruments

United States Government Obligations, agencies of the United States Government and Corporate Obligations rated BBB or higher by Standard & Poors or a similar rating agency.

Alternative Investments

Commodities, real estate, private equity and other instruments that have a low correlation with traditional financial instruments such as stocks, bonds and cash

Cash Reserves

Interest-bearing securities, free from risk of loss, price fluctuation and instantly saleable. Underlying investment may consist of individual fixed income securities such as Certificates of Deposit, Commercial Paper, U.S. Treasury Bills and other similar instruments with less than one year to maturity and/or money market funds.

How We Measure the Performance of Your Investments

Once implemented, your portfolio will be compared to a benchmark that reflects investment parameters against which its performance shall be compared on an ongoing basis.

Reporting Procedures

The following may be implemented when evaluating performance reporting:

  • Our custodian shall provide the investor with a statement no less than monthly that lists all assets held by the investor, values for each asset and all transactions affecting assets within the portfolio, including additions and withdrawals.
  • The investor may receive no less frequently than on a quarterly basis and within 30 days within the end of each such quarter the following management reports:
  • Portfolio performance results over the last quarter, year, 3 years and 5 years.
  • Performance results of comparative benchmarks for the same periods.
  • Performance shall be reported on a time-weighted and/or dollar-weighted rate of return basis.

Rebalancing Procedures

From time to time, market conditions may cause the portfolio’s investment in various asset classes to vary from the target allocation. To remain consistent with the asset allocation guidelines established, each asset class shall be reviewed regularly and may be rebalanced back to the recommended weighting if it varies significantly.

Rebalancing maintains the portfolio at the previously agreed upon risk/reward levels. Prior to rebalancing, consideration will be given to any tax implications and fees. When new money is being added to the portfolio, rebalancing can be accomplished by investing in asset classes requiring additional funds, while the remaining money to be invested will be allocated according to the established target percentages.

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