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Developing a True Connection
By Learning About You, Your Dreams and Financial Expectations

What It’s Like Working With Us

Experience has taught us that there are no easy answers to questions such as:

Is my portfolio properly diversified?

What are the most efficient methods to save for future college expenses?

Am I saving enough for my own retirement?

Do I have an income continuation plan in effect for my family if I died or became disabled?

How am I going to care for my aging parents?

What strategies can I implement to pass assets to my heirs with minimal income/estate taxation?

At Proficient, we believe in addressing these concerns by utilizing a client-focused approach that tackles the complexities of your needs - one step at a time.

With Expertise, Experience and Care 

We Will:

1. Discover

Establish the client-planner relationship by getting to know you, your dreams, your goals and your financial expectations.

2. Analyze

Gather your financial information to assess the situation and then educate you on the options available to pursue your goals.

3. Advise and Counsel

Process and analyze your situation and recommend a plan making financial and investment decisions with you.

4. Collaborate and Implement

Implement a financial plan and provide periodic updates on your investment results.

5. Monitor

Monitor the implemented plan and your goals by remaining in contact with you throughout our relationship. We encourage you to contact us to discuss any change in your decisions or other factors that may impact your financial goals.

Ready to Get Started? 

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